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Join me as I share my passion for writing, education, and personal growth. Here, you'll find updates on my latest author projects, information about my Learning Success Coaching business, and links to my different resources. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Previous Blog Posts

For those who know me, you know that I had a LOT of blog content in previous years. While there is no way to transfer all that to this website, you can still check it out on my old WordPress site: www.sarahellenbrown.wordpress.com/blog. I posted about everything from Mission Trips to articles and sermons I'd written. I will be posting all new blog content on here, but to see anything prior to 2024, check out the above link! :-) 

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What Is Heart, Soul, & Mind Learning?

“Ugggh! I hate this!” “I’m so dumb! I’m just not good at __!” “What’s the point of learning __ anyway?” If you’ve ever heard your child say these words, then you know the struggle of today’s educational system, and the worries of keeping your child on track and engaged with it. Perhaps your child procrastinates or finds it difficult to even get started on their school work. Maybe they struggle to stay focused, keep track of their papers and materials, and submit assignments on time. Perhaps they talk down about themselves or don’t feel that they have the ability to learn or do as well as their peers. Maybe all the nagging you need to do to get them to do their work is taking a toll on your relationship with your child and the peace of your home….

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The Start of Something New

Hi everyone! It has been about seven years since I have posted on my website (now redesigned)! It’s hard to believe, but those seven years have been very busy, yet vital years of growth for me!

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About Me

I am an experienced teacher from southern Minnesota with a passion for education and creativity. I write and publish curriculum and children’s books, produce educational videos, and dabble in art. I am a certified Learning Success Coach and run my own business, “Heart, Soul, & Mind Learning” that specializes in giving young learners the strong foundation that they need to succeed in school and in life, while developing them wholistically: Physically (Heart), Spiritually (Soul), and Mentally (Mind).

Outside of my professional pursuits, I enjoy gardening, music, and adventurous activities like snowmobiling, rock climbing, and motorcycling. My faith in Jesus is central to my life, and my website serves as a platform to share my work and passions with others.